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Creditworthiness Rating Certification

Public announcement

For the third year in a row, PROVERBUM DOO NOVI SAD was successfully certified for the outstanding operations in 2015 with the credit rating A.
Based on the analysis of the financial operations for the previous year 2015, PROVERBUM DOO NOVI SAD, the company providing translation and interpretation services, achieved a high rating of credit worthiness which reflects the high credit worthiness in operations – A. 
In 2015, PROVERBUM DOO fulfilled the strict criteria of international categorisation and assessment and became the exclusive holder of A certificate - out of 771 companies in this line of business in Serbia, only 58 of them were making profit. 
Bisnode group grants the certificate for credit worthiness of operations using the same criteria in more than 17 European countries, and it is the best indicator of financial solvency and quality of work of companies operating on a market.
The credit worthiness certificate provides businesses reputation, as well as advantage in the selection compared to other companies in the segment of their business. 
         Credit worthiness - confirmation of quality 
The achievement of credit worthiness is for our clients a confirmation of systematic and high quality work performed over the years, which places the holders to the very top of the local economy, on the same level as the companies from the European Union, because the same strict and proven criteria apply. This year, out of 425.117 active companies, only 1% passed the categorisation, which is a good indication that the company has stable business operations and the lowest business risk.  
According to our analyses, the companies with the credit worthiness rating A operate above average and have a high possibility to maintain the same credit worthiness also in the next year (>61%), as well as the very low risks for total operations (< 0.1%). The group is dominated by the entities with a longer business history (over 5 years) and entities with higher return on assets (ROA).
The methodology for calculation of credit worthiness is uniform for all European markets and is based on the analysis of financial reports for the last three years and provides a forecast of the security of company operations for the next 12 months. Statistical models are built on the financial indicators (debt, liquidity, efficiency and effectiveness) for the last 3 years, based on the adverse events (bankruptcy, liquidation, blockage) in the observed period.
Other criteria based on which the forecast is being made:
  • Stock capital in financing,
  • Short-term ratio liquidity
  • Debt financing,
  • Credit exposure,
  • Flow of current assets,
  • Net gain on total income,
  • Income on assets,
  • Return on capital,
  • Net margin,
  • Share of fixed assets in capital and
  • Share of working assets in capital.
The goal of the model is to improve the organization of the company.
About Bisnode 
This award is one of the most prestigious certificates in Europe in 2015 – Creditworthiness rating excellence 2015. 
Bisnode doo is a part of the Swedish group Bisnode AB Sweden with 3100 employees in 17 countries in Europe, whose main line of business is provision of business and creditworthiness information.
Bisnode doo was founded in 2011 with the head office in Belgrade, with the aim to introduce on the Serbian market the operations of all companies in a transparent way. 
During its four years of operation, Bisnode doo has become the leader on the Serbian market in digital information operations, company operations credit risk analysis, and since last year it successfully conducts certification of the most successful companies in Serbia with Dun & Bradstreet license, which we are proud to introduce as our strategic partner both in the EU countries and now in Serbia, officially from January 1, 2016.