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Translation of scientific papers

If you don’t understand something, you cannot translate it!

This statement best describes the problem that we face when translating scientific papers. Knowledge of the language is simply not enough. It takes much more to properly translate a scientific paper.

The translation of scientific papers is one of the most specialized fields. In addition to the knowledge of the target language, translators must have an extensive knowledge of the area which they are translating. Due to the specifics of this kind of translation, close collaboration with the authors of scientific papers is required in order to make the translation as good as possible.

During the translation, the translator is in constant contact with the author and cooperation between the two sides is essential.

When translating scientific papers, the translator must keep the following in mind:

  • The status and function of the message sender (the author of the text submitted for translation)
  • The educational level of message recipients (the target group for which the text is intended)
  • The goal and purpose of the text
  • The level of expertise of the text

Translation scientific papers – specifics

What makes the translation of scientific papers such a challenge is the abundance of specific phrases and sentences that are difficult to understand, and therefore to translate. Translators must fully enter into the matter in order to understand the content that they translate, find the appropriate expressions in the target language, and convey information in a form that will be clear to others. As noted, such work requires more than just knowing the language. At the very least, it requires a university degree in the target language and extensive knowledge of the scientific topics.

The challenges that stem from the translation of scientific papers has is evident in cases where the text is being translated for the purpose of publication. In this case, the translation must be fully comprehensible, clear, and readable not only for experts in the field covered by the text, but also for all other potential readers, even those who are not familiar with the subject matter. So, in addition to adequate terminology, the translators must clearly convey the meaning of the text. In order to do this, they must fully understand it.

Types of scientific papers for translation

Within the framework of translating scientific papers, Proverbum translates the following:

  • Scientific theses
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • Scientific papers
  • Studies
  • Monographs
  • Results of scientific research
  • Abstracts and articles in various scientific fields
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Books and textbooks
  • Other publications

Proverbum has highly qualified and skilled translators in its team, which is one of the most important prerequisites for the high quality translation of scientific papers.