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Translation of texts

Translation of texts from Serbian into another language, or from other languages ​​into Serbian is necessary for both individuals and companies. Whether you need the translation of personal documents, web pages, scientific papers, technical documentation or interpreting services, the fact remains that you want it to be done with maximum professionalism and to a high standard.

Our approach to the translation process is based on team and project organization. This means that every commissioned translation is a project of its own and we endeavor to establish a partner relationship with each of our clients.

Through our cooperation with prominent companies, we have developed the following standards which we adhere to with an uncompromising dedication:

  • Completeness and quality of translations with the use of technical terminology,
  • Meeting deadlines,
  • Linguistic analysis and check,
  • Delivery of translations in the requested format.

If you need high-quality translation either of personal documents, diploma theses, doctoral dissertations etc. or of business documents, please contact us by email or telephone.